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Mar 15, 2024
Dividend Increases/Decreases for the Week of March 15
Let's take a look at firms raising/lowering their dividends this week.
Nov 4, 2023
Booking Holdings Is a Net-Cash-Rich, Free-Cash-Flow Generating Powerhouse!
Image: Booking Holdings remains an asset-light, free-cash-flow generating powerhouse. Booking Holdings ended the September quarter with a modest net cash position. Cash and cash equivalents totaled ~$13.3 billion and short-term investments came in at $624 million, a sum that was greater than its short-term debt load of ~$1.9 billion and long-term debt of ~$11.9 billion. The company hauled in ~$6 billion in cash flow from operations during the first nine months of 2023 and only spent $251 million on property and equipment, good for significant free cash flow generation. Its free cash flow margin so far in 2023, as measured by free cash flow divided by sales, was an impressive ~35%, showcasing just how efficient Booking Holdings is in converting its top line to cold hard cash. Our $3,164 per share fair value estimate remains unchanged at this time.
Oct 22, 2023
There Will Be Volatility
Image: An ETF tracking Russell 1000 "growth" stocks has outperformed an ETF tracking Russell 2000 "value" stocks since the beginning of 2021. To us, the market remains hypersensitive to almost every economic data point that hits the wires, and we’re just not going to play that game. The macro headlines and never-ending news flow are what many quant and algorithmic traders are trading on, and to a very large extent, for investors with a long-term horizon, these macro data points just don’t factor into the equation. When valuing equities, we’re always after mid-cycle expectations, not peak or trough performance, so our valuations implicitly embed a "normal" recession. Warren Buffett didn’t become a billionaire buying and selling on macro data points, and volatility is simply to be expected given the proliferation of price-agnostic trading these days. Instead of panicking over higher interest rates, we think investors should view the Fed’s work thus far as future potential dry powder to stimulate both the economy and the markets. Whenever you feel like stocks are no good, have a read of Warren Buffett’s classic piece written during the Great Financial Crisis, “Buy American. I Am.” To us, we still like stocks for the long run. Happy investing!
Aug 4, 2023
Best Idea Booking Holdings Soars!
Image: Booking Holdings’ free cash flow conversion is about as good as it gets. The company remains a key idea in the Best Ideas Newsletter portfolio. Image Source: Booking Holdings. Booking Holdings fits the mold of the type of companies that we’re looking for in this market environment. The company has an asset-light business model that is tied to secular growth trends, all the while it boasts a net cash position and significant free cash flow generation. The company’s outlook also speaks to continued strength as it relates to leisure demand, a key data point suggesting that the broad economic environment remains resilient despite rate increases and the erosion of excess consumer cash savings built up during the COVID-19 pandemic. The quarterly report was welcome news.
Feb 22, 2023
Walmart Warns: “Prices Are Still High and There Is Considerable Pressure on the Consumer”
Image Source: Mike Mozart. Walmart’s outlook may very well be conservative, but its commentary certainly doesn’t bode well for many discretionary retailers and the broader economy. With the labor markets still strong and the producer price index still coming in hot, the Federal Reserve is not yet done raising rates. We expect the markets to test their uptrends and 200-day moving averages in the coming days to weeks, and if we break through these support levels to the downside, we won’t hesitate to “raise some cash” across the newsletter portfolios. When Walmart warns about the health of the consumer, we pay attention.
Mar 4, 2022
Dividend Increases/Decreases for the Week March 4
Let's take a look at companies that raised/lowered their dividend this week.
Nov 12, 2021
Dividend Increases/Decreases for the Week November 12
Let's take a look at companies that raised/lowered their dividend this week.
Mar 5, 2021
Dividend Increases/Decreases for the Week March 5
Let's take a look at companies that raised/lowered their dividend this week.

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